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Real gold nuggets are not just an enrichment of any showcase or a great decoration on a desk - they also serve as a valuable investment because the gold price never runs the risk of reaching a value of zero - unlike stocks. There are certainly some people who say that only gold coins and gold saving plans are the best gold investment. However, this is rather short-sighted and considered as mistake by experts. In general, a broad diversification should be pursued.

In the title above, I mentioned Australia - why?

Of course, there are also gold nuggets in Alaska or Africa. However, I have to say that I have never been really happy with many nuggets from those areas. I often found admixtures such as silver or copper which often lead to colour impurities. With regard to nuggets from Australia, I was never disappointed and this is the reason why I am concentrating on that part of the planet. For those of you who are looking for nuggets from California, Alaska and Africa or for those who have already found some, I would be happy to help you with the purchase and the communication with the seller but please consider that I will never make an offer for nuggets coming from those areas.

Diversification! So why not investing in gold nuggets as well?

You are always very flexible with nuggets in different weight categories. If you want to sell some gold to increase your liquidity, you do not have to sell a whole gold coin (for example, 1 oz = 1 ounce), although you only need a fraction of the money. As a seller, you look for a corresponding small nugget of a few grams and offer it on the market. Just use the local advertising market for precious metals to sell your gold to private investors. There are many people who are looking for gold. Focusing on just one sales platform would be wasted potential.

Why are gold nuggets more expensive as gold coins or gold bars?

Gold coins and gold bars are made of tens of thousands of gold flitter and tiniest parts. Those flitters are melted and a gold content of 99.99% (fine gold) is achieved by an electrolysis process. Such gold coins are investment coins (bullion coins), which are minted in large numbers.

gold investment

Nuggets are hard to find and only about 3% of the nuggets dug worldwide remain as gold nuggets – the rest is melted forever. Gold nuggets are rarer than diamonds! You will never find two exactly identical nuggets.

Generally, the price for gold nuggets is between 1.5 to 5 times higher than the gold price (gold spot).This factor arises from the scarcity value (supply and demand), the weight, the shape, the brightness, the gold content and whether there are inclusions of quartz, etc.

Less known is that traders need to collect 19% VAT on gold nuggets. This is a decisive difference to gold coins or gold bars which are exempted from this tax. Do not see this fact as a disadvantage or a criterion for exclusion. Firstly, in case of sale, you will pass this once-paid mark-up to the buyer and secondly, you can assume that the price of the precious metal will continue to rise with increasing gold scarcity. It is certain that if you sell your gold, you will definitively get the market price. It is the same as you would sell your old gold (gold jewellery, dental gold, etc.). A decisive factor is the gold weight and gold content which is then measured by a professional gold purchaser.

There are non-representative estimates that say that there are less than 10,000 nuggets worldwide that are greater than 5 ounces (> 155 grams). From 10 ounces (> 311 grams) it should be less than 3,000 pieces.

Take the advantage and buy gold in its most beautiful shape! Excellently suited for collector's item and investment!

Gold nuggets from Australia are well known for their high gold content. Generally, the gold content is between 22-23 carats and even higher. The remarkable gold colour is a sign for it. Here, you will find facts about gold

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