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Buy Gold Nuggets - Specialist for customer requests

On Goldnugget-Shop.de not only a nugget selection is kept ready in the shop. Often my customers have very special ideas, which are not covered by the available Goldnuggets. The ideas are very diverse. Either a certain weight range is desired or even a completely special form. These can be gold nuggets with a continuous hole in the middle, very flat but large nuggets, gold nuggets with inclusions such as iron or copper or gold nuggets spectacularly shaped by nature. So beautiful, coordinated combinations for a necklace and earrings are usually no problem (please talk to a jeweler or goldsmith of your confidence regarding the further processing in advance, because our recommendation here is laser welding or laser cladding and not soldering).
New in our offer are also gold containing quartz specimens.

Who buys gold nuggets anyway?

There is no blanket answer here either. Basically everyone who wants to and can afford it. Gold nuggets are not only interesting for collectors. Also investors, geologists, nature-lovers, treasure hunters or persons, who look for a completely special gift belong to the clientele. The cause a gold nugget as gift to acquire, reaches from the birth gift, wedding day, birthday, a golden Christmas gift or a special anniversary.
Especially through TV series on DMAX, the gold fever grips above all the men of creation. Are you looking for a men's gift that causes audible amazement?
Why not buy a gold nugget as a gift!

If you have decided on a nugget from the shop, the goods will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment. Each nugget comes in a beautiful case and certificate of authenticity.

The processing of your special gold nugget wishes

After announcing your ideas, I would be happy to put together a selection of possible nuggets with photos from different perspectives.
These photos come from dealers with whom I have been working for years. If there is something for you among the selected pieces, then I take over all the steps from purchasing, importing and preparing the photos for reshipment to you. Of course, this includes a proper invoice with 19% VAT and a transport-proof packaging.
The period from order to delivery to you varies and usually depends on your payment speed and customs clearance. Delivery times of 4 days could already be reached, but also the rare case of 6 weeks waiting time already occurred. Usually you receive a "special order", which must be imported first, within 2 weeks.

Is my parcel insured?

As a dealer, I have the liability risk until the goods have been delivered against signature. This is a significant difference to the sales transaction between private individuals. As a buyer, you do not need to worry about whether a parcel will be lost on its way. If the case that has not occurred to date should ever become reality, then you will receive your money back after completion of the cause investigation or after consultation a replacement delivery. And precisely because I bear the risk, I also decide with which shipping service provider I send which goods. Especially when dispatching precious metals, the service providers have differently covered insurance sums, depending on the value of the goods. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or telephone. 

Excerpt of completed gold nugget purchases on behalf of a customer:

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