Rollerball with real gold nugget - LIMITED 52/499 Rollerball with real gold nugget.. Product #: GP_052 based on 0 reviews Out Of Stock

Rollerball with real gold nugget - LIMITED 52/499

Product Code: GP_052
Availability: Out Of Stock
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
available from : 16.09.2019

The ideal gift for gold lovers.

Treat yourself to a writing instrument of the extra class, which has been assembled and tested by hand.
This Fineliner has a transparent dome in the endcap, in which the
Goldnugget is located. The gold nugget comes from Alaska. 

This writing instrument is limited and has the number 52 of 499

The end cap with the gold nugget is unscrewed for use and can be screwed on at the other end if necessary. 
Thus the beautiful nugget is not lost. 

Each writing instrument reaches you in an appropriate case. 

The refill is of the Pentel LR7 type and allows a wonderfully smooth writing activity. 

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