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Goldnugget 2,7 gram West-Australia

Product Code: m_276
Availability: Out Of Stock (Product will be available at: 02-05-2018)
Weight: 2.76g
Dimensions: 12.00mm x 9.00mm x 7.00mm
available from : 16.09.2019

1 Gold-Nugget w/ 2,7 gram from West-Australia ( WA )

Found: West-Australia 

Delivery time: Delivery time is approximately 1-2 days. The nugget will be sent not later than 2 days after receipt of payment. 
You get exactly the nugget you saw on the photo. The photos were created with a macro lens for better visibility. The grid of the underlay is divided into 10x10mm boxes.

Nuggets are hard to find and only about 3% of the nuggets dug worldwide remain as gold nuggets – the rest is melted forever. Gold nuggets are rarer than diamonds! You will never find two exactly identical nuggets. Take the advantage and buy gold in its most beautiful shape! Excellently suited for collector's item and investment!

Gold nuggets from Australia are well known for their high gold content. Generally, the gold content is between 22-23 carats and even higher. The remarkable gold colour is a sign for it. Here, you will find facts about gold

Packaging: Safely packed in a storage box. 

*) The weight was determined by an officially calibrated digital fine scale (0.1g). The articles in the photos are shown enlarged for a better representation. Please refer to the scale shown. Only whole millimetres are given; here, too, smallest deviations must be expected. As a rule, it is rounded down in favour of the customer.

Weight Information:
g. = gram
gr. = grain/grains 
1 ounce = 480 grain 
1 ounce = 31,103 gram 
15,432 grains = 1 gram

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